c h r i s t i n a k o b e r d e s i g n s

it begins with a twinkle in your eye and butterflies in your tummy. you wish for it, you need it, you have to have it. it’s a little splurge that satisfies your craving. it’s something so perfect, you can’t live without it. it’s not just something for your neck, ears, fingers or wrists. it’s an expression of who you are that adds a sparkle that is only you. it’s your signature necklace you wear every day. it’s the delectable ring you wear for an extraordinary night.

its christina kober designs

30 September 2009

New York, New York

Wow, I can't believe it's the last day of September! Time is really flying by, I remember when I was younger and I would plead with the clock for time to go by faster. What happened between then and now that I am now pleading with the clock to go slower?

October is a busy month, beginning with a trip this weekend to see my friend & {sorority} big sister, Sue, in New York. I am so excited to see her! Usually when I'm up north anymore it's with Dan and I only get a small snippet of time with Sue. So finally we are having a girl's weekend! {Fun fact: Sue actually introduced me to Dan, she went to middle and high school with him}
We had planned to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge after watching the Tigers play, but of course the weather isn't supposed to be that great. I'm packing my galoshes in hopes that they will scare away the rain!

29 September 2009

number 14

This past weekend I began work on my first item on my 28 to-do list; number 14 organize my studio.

My studio has always been in my apartment, beginning in the kitchen of my studio apartment, then moving to the 2nd bedroom of a 2 bedroom apartment, then the dining room of a 1 bedroom apartment, and now in the hallway of my 1 bedroom apartment. I am very unhappy with the location of my studio as I have no room and I end up spreading out to the dining room, kitchen and living room, much to Dan's dismay.

I thought the space issue would be over because Dan and I were moving out of our apartment at the end of September into a house. But alas the stars did not align and to save our sanity we chose to renew our lease for another 6 months. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel...my Dad offered to let me to set up my studio in an unused storage room at work.

So this past weekend I thought it was the perfect time to move because Dan was out of town for a bachelor party. {I am one of those annoyingly independent people who thinks they can do anything, including lifting heavy objects, with no help at all} I had hoped to be all settled into my new space by yesterday and as you can well imagine, not a one box is unpacked but things are starting to look a little promising...hopefully!

24 September 2009

my to do list

I have been thinking REALLY hard about my 28 to do list that I will make this year. And on Tuesday night, I completed the list! It seems a little daunting, but I'm hoping I can do it!

1. take a beach vacation
2. design a website
3. run a half marathon
4. finish my picture collage
5. organize my desk
6. join a book club
7. practice yoga
8. try a new recipe a month
9. use my passport
10. learn to take better photos
11. keep up with my blog
12. learn how to use my mom's sewing machine
14. organize my studio
15. reach my lifetime goal
16. make a shoe shelf
17. send my grandma a letter once a month
18. use less plastic
19. go camping
21. start an herb garden
22. drive less, use marta & my feet more
23. take more photos
24. organize my closet
25. once a month plan a date exploring one of Atlanta's attractions
26. watch less television
27. take a day off once a month
28. document this list

23 September 2009

East Atlanta Strut

I have been burning the midnight oil preparing for my shows this fall. This past weekend was my second art festival, East Atlanta Strut.
As many of you have heard the rain has been awful in Atlanta; however, we pushed through 9 hours and had a pretty good day! A lot of great feedback and exposure!

Here is a collage of photos of my booth. {you can see my trooper of a boyfriend holding down the fort on the lower photo}
There was some entertainment? We also saw some Elvis impersonators, a woman walking on stilts, a garbage man {literally, a dude dressed up in moss and garbage}, and a lot of other interesting sights.

I also had a great surprise! I won the merit award!

22 September 2009

so excited...

Dan and I are planning a short trip to Northern California in October. This is a trip that I have been dreaming about since...well I can't remember when I first wanted to go.

We are spending one day in San Francisco, which I have to say I'm very excited about. Among other things I want to ride on a trolley, walk across {if you are allowed} the Golden Gate Bridge, check out Fisherman's Wharf and stumble down Lombard Street.

Although this day of sight seeing in San Francisco will be amazing, I can't help but be excited about the wedding we are going to. It is on a vineyard in Carmel. I have been looking for the perfect dress to wear to the wedding and on Sunday I found it! {thank you, j. crew}
I'm still deciding on my shoes and what necklace I will make to add to this look. If you have any suggestions for accessories or where else we should visit in SF let me know!

21 September 2009

my weekend in photos {part 3}

This past week has been a blur. In my normal day job, our secretary has been out sick with the flu while Dallas has been on vacation. So in a company of 4, things have been hectic. Meanwhile I have been preparing for fall shows (one in particular was on Saturday). Needless to say, my blogs have been not so great and very behind, so I apologize. I know you all have been dying to hear more about my birthday!

So today's blog is the last in the series about my birthday weekend. And I promise...after today I'll be done blogging about my birthday. Maybe...

The main festivity for my birthday was for 3 of my girlfriends and I to head to Dahlonega in north GA to do a tour de winery and stay in a bed and breakfast.

We started out the day with lunch and our first wine tasting at Wolf Mountain. This place was gorgeous and the food and wine were delicious. But all we could talk about was how amazing a wedding would be here.
For safety precautions we hired a transportation service to take us around to the different wineries. No drinking and driving in this bunch! This was our ride...
Our second stop was Frogtown Winery. It's a cute house in the midst of a gorgeous vineyard. Unfortunately, there was a wedding being held in the house so we weren't able to go inside. However, the tasting was outside overlooking the vineyard. So we were cool with that.
Our ride, then picked us up and drove us to the neighboring winery: Three Sisters. This winery might have been our favorite. Maybe it was because the gave us a complimentary wine glass, or they gave us chocolate with not just one but two wines, or maybe it was the Cheetos they gave us with a wine pairing, or it was our 3rd wine tasting and we were really feeling happy.
After purchasing our bottles of wine and snacks, we realized we had a missed call from our safe ride. She said she had another booking and had to get us another form of transportation. So we walk outside and we find a black limo waiting for us! Talk about traveling in style! {unfortunately, the photo the limo driver took of us was actually a video and try as I might my computer wouldn't let me reformat it into a photo, so all I have are photos from inside the limo}
Last but not least, we hit our 4th winery on our tour de winery; Blackstock. This last tasting was probably the most fun. We had two great guys serving us and were clearly used to dealing with 4 silly girls giving them a hard time. One of the coolest parts of this tasting was a desert wine that was served in a miniature chocolate cup, it tasted just like a chocolate covered cherry! Yum!
We hopped into our limo and ended the evening with dinner...which is a little blurry. We then headed to Lilly Creek, the bed & breakfast, to drink more wine and hang out in the hot tub. I have to say this was probably the best birthday celebration thus far! Thank you to my girls!

16 September 2009

my weekend in photos {part 2}

On Friday, Dan and I took Betsy to Zoo Atlanta. She LOVES the zoo, and especially the pandas. {she even has a widget on her computer with the pandacam} So, it was necessary to go. I was a little apprehensive because I have heard some pretty terrible things about our zoo...but I was REALLY impressed!
The meerkats were sleeping when we walked over but as soon as we started taking pictures they got VERY playful {read scary}. I have to say we are much cuter meerkats!

We really enjoyed the Gorilla exhibit. We got to it right as one of the trainers was feeding them a snack. There was one Gorilla that was sitting under the rock and wasn't getting any food. He kept huffing and puffing... like "why are you ignoring me?!"
The babies were on the other side and were rolling and tumbling in the grass. If it wasn't for all the fur the would have looked like little children playing.

When we got to the pandas, of course they were sleeping. But when we came back momma was feeding her baby. And when she had enough she would get up and try to walk away and he would just follow. So she would sit down and let him feed a little longer and then push him off. This continued for about 30 minutes. It was rather entertaining. Poppa was on the otherside climbing and sliding down his tree trying to get attention.

Here are a few more of the animals we saw at the zoo. {from top left; clouded leopard, the hungry african elephants, the elegant crane, the chubby bird, the sleeping hog, rhinocerous, kangaroos, tiger, the unhappy giant tortise, the lion who thought we were lunch, the frozen zebra, and the manequin goat}

We finished off the night with friends, margaritas, and cheese dip at Panchos. {and a surprise sombrero and shot of tequila to finish me off}

14 September 2009

my weekend in photos {part 1}

This weekend has been a whirlwind. I was hoping to make at least one post...obviously it's tuesday and here I am.

My weekend began on Thursday night. My good friend, Betsy, flew in from OH...IO. We kicked the weekend off with the Clemson/Georgia Tech Football Game. Although Clemson lost, we had a great time tailgating.

the traffic was insane...even the foot traffic.

Clemson was being represented all over the place...even on beer cans!

up next: Zoo Atlanta & Sombraroes

10 September 2009

out of towners

via {ReTLoP-[p.e.t.e.r]}

My friend and one of the many roomates from college is flying in today for the weekend. We have big plans to cheer on the tigers, shop, go to the zoo, and celebrate my birthday! I will be taking lots of photos and sharing them throughout the weekend on my flickr page and blogging about our fun times.

09 September 2009

in the news

I will admit I never listen/watch to the news...but I overheard this on NPR and had to share:

A group of guys rob a couple in their home. After the couple had filed the police report and things had settled down. The doorbell rang and it was one of the robbers. Asking the female victim ON A DATE!

I can just image the exchange:
"umm so I noticed you checking me out when I was robbing you earlier. And I mean I think you're pretty cute. So, ahhh, would you like to go out to dinner or, umm, drinks sometime. I would totally pay, I just got a great payout from my last job...umm, so what do you think?"

Needless to say, this awesome criminal was arrested shortly thereafter.

a day in my studio

It's very unusual that I have a full to day spend working in my studio. I had big plans for Monday, I was going to make rings, assemble chains, and maybe work on a new creation or two. Unfortunately I only got through assembling my chains before I had been in my studio for 8 hours.

These are my tags that I solder onto my chains, so that all my jewelry has my logo on it.

lunch {pasta salad}

work shoes {slippers}

getting set up for production. time to solder some teeny-tiny jump rings. {3 per chain to be exact!}

snack time. {cherry creamsicle}

All set up for soldering the hooks on the back of my initial pendants.

My initial pendants. {m, a, e, j, d, m, b, g, k, d}

08 September 2009

under the sea

On Sunday Dan and I completed our "tour of Atlanta" with my cousin with the Georgia Aquarium. While crowded, we had a great time taking photos. I have discovered I really enjoy making these collages of photos on photoshop.

06 September 2009

america's favorite past time

My cousin, Danielle, came into town to visit for the Labor Day weekend. Meaning Dan is meeting more of my family.

While in town, Danielle really wanted to go see a Braves game and go to the Georgia Aquarium. Last night the Braves were playing at 7, so we hopped on Marta (Atlanta's version of the metro/subway). We traveled on the train to the stadium and trecked through Underground Atlanta to Turner Field. This was also Danielle first experience on Marta and in Underground...probably not the highlight of her trip.

Anyway, we bought tickets & went straight to the beer line. Because you can't enjoy America's favorite past time without a pint size can of a frosty beverage. We also ate hotdogs, peanuts, enjoyed the unfortunate she-mullet seated in front of us & watched a scoreless game until the 8th inning when the Braves lost to the Reds. However, in spite of our loss, Turner Field put on a spectacular fireworks display. A great baseball night all in all.

Next up...the Georgia Aquarium.

04 September 2009

TGI Labor Day Weekend!

I am very new to the blogosphere* and am amazed by the amount of wonderful bloggers out there. One that I have found is Elise Blaha :: enJOY it. Along with blogging about her life and planning her wedding, Elise shares a lot of great information about photography, blogging, creating a website and selling handmade products. Which I think is fantastic, because lord knows I need all the help I can get! I was so inspired by a blog post she had written about completing her own website, that I emailed her with questions of how she did it. After emailing back and forth, I have bought a book on HTML and I am going to create my website the old fashioned way (if you can call it that). Other wise not using a site with templates. So far I'm on chapter 3 of my HTML book and I feel like I'm back in school, but that's for another day and another post.

Elise has an etsy store and makes wonderful handmade books and journals & teaches online workshops on how to make your own journals. While searching her blog and website I found she makes are custom birthday books. The idea being that you make a list of resolutions to complete by your next birthday. The number of resolutions is based on your age (although 28 resolutions is a lot to complete in 1 year).

About a week ago I told my good friend, Mer, about these awesome little books and how I'd like to do a journal like this. And then yesterday, I received a package at work: It was my birthday present from Mer...a Custom Birthday Book by Elise! I was so excited to get it, I forgot my birthday wasn't for another 11 days & I opened it. The book is awesome! Here are some photos of my favorite pages in the book!

Thank you, Mer! I can't wait to create my list of 28 resolutions and begin! Any suggestions?!

* I'm not sure if blogosphere is a real "community." But it has a nice ring to it.

03 September 2009

Sushi Sunday

I meant to write this on Monday morning, but Monday mornings always turn into Monday evenings really quickly. And before I know it it's Tuesday morning...

We had Sushi night on Sunday this past week with a good friend. We all tried some new entrees and I had to share these awesome displays of sushi. It's such a fabulous art food. And delicious too! Although the right bottom sushi photo, none of us tried.

02 September 2009

thank you.

This summer I have been making a lot of my mobius rings for wedding sets. I can't explain how amazing it is to create something for a couple that has so much meaning.

These rings will be worn throughout this couples life together. During the first year, when it feels funny to have a ring on your left ring finger and each is adjusting to the changes (big and little) of married life. When the couple has their first child, when they battle over what television show to watch, when they watch their children go to college, when they have family vacations, when they retire, and when the couple becomes grandparents. The ring is always present on their finger, reminding them of the commitment they made many years ago. These rings that experience so much and have such a huge significance are made by little ol' me. And that makes me feel special. Thank you for choosing my mobius ring.