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16 September 2009

my weekend in photos {part 2}

On Friday, Dan and I took Betsy to Zoo Atlanta. She LOVES the zoo, and especially the pandas. {she even has a widget on her computer with the pandacam} So, it was necessary to go. I was a little apprehensive because I have heard some pretty terrible things about our zoo...but I was REALLY impressed!
The meerkats were sleeping when we walked over but as soon as we started taking pictures they got VERY playful {read scary}. I have to say we are much cuter meerkats!

We really enjoyed the Gorilla exhibit. We got to it right as one of the trainers was feeding them a snack. There was one Gorilla that was sitting under the rock and wasn't getting any food. He kept huffing and puffing... like "why are you ignoring me?!"
The babies were on the other side and were rolling and tumbling in the grass. If it wasn't for all the fur the would have looked like little children playing.

When we got to the pandas, of course they were sleeping. But when we came back momma was feeding her baby. And when she had enough she would get up and try to walk away and he would just follow. So she would sit down and let him feed a little longer and then push him off. This continued for about 30 minutes. It was rather entertaining. Poppa was on the otherside climbing and sliding down his tree trying to get attention.

Here are a few more of the animals we saw at the zoo. {from top left; clouded leopard, the hungry african elephants, the elegant crane, the chubby bird, the sleeping hog, rhinocerous, kangaroos, tiger, the unhappy giant tortise, the lion who thought we were lunch, the frozen zebra, and the manequin goat}

We finished off the night with friends, margaritas, and cheese dip at Panchos. {and a surprise sombrero and shot of tequila to finish me off}

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