c h r i s t i n a k o b e r d e s i g n s

it begins with a twinkle in your eye and butterflies in your tummy. you wish for it, you need it, you have to have it. it’s a little splurge that satisfies your craving. it’s something so perfect, you can’t live without it. it’s not just something for your neck, ears, fingers or wrists. it’s an expression of who you are that adds a sparkle that is only you. it’s your signature necklace you wear every day. it’s the delectable ring you wear for an extraordinary night.

its christina kober designs

02 September 2009

thank you.

This summer I have been making a lot of my mobius rings for wedding sets. I can't explain how amazing it is to create something for a couple that has so much meaning.

These rings will be worn throughout this couples life together. During the first year, when it feels funny to have a ring on your left ring finger and each is adjusting to the changes (big and little) of married life. When the couple has their first child, when they battle over what television show to watch, when they watch their children go to college, when they have family vacations, when they retire, and when the couple becomes grandparents. The ring is always present on their finger, reminding them of the commitment they made many years ago. These rings that experience so much and have such a huge significance are made by little ol' me. And that makes me feel special. Thank you for choosing my mobius ring.


  1. I like how they fit together, like they're hugging :)

  2. yes! this couple's rings just fit perfectly together. i couldn't give up the chance to photograph it. :)

  3. Hi girlie! We love ours and are waiting for the photog's pictures to share with you. I think it'll be another couple weeks or so, but when we have them, we'll send them on. Thanks again!