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it begins with a twinkle in your eye and butterflies in your tummy. you wish for it, you need it, you have to have it. it’s a little splurge that satisfies your craving. it’s something so perfect, you can’t live without it. it’s not just something for your neck, ears, fingers or wrists. it’s an expression of who you are that adds a sparkle that is only you. it’s your signature necklace you wear every day. it’s the delectable ring you wear for an extraordinary night.

its christina kober designs

17 November 2009

are you part of an and?

me: "I am."

you: "What does this mean?"

me: "I am part of an and: Christina & Dan. The concept being that the 'and' connects Dan and myself. The 'and' representing love, friendship, commitment, a relationship."

you: "This tiny three letter word represents ALL of that?"

me: "Yep, and so does the ampersand symbol (&)."

you: "Well, why do you bring this up now?"

me: "That's a funny story let me share, hopefully it makes sense!
As many of you know, I have a line of initial pendants called the block letter necklaces (formerly mommy & me initial necklaces). The design was inspired by the little alphabet magnets my mom would keep on the refrigerator to help me learn spelling (clearly not grammar). My idea, which is still coming to fruition, is that the letters are given to a mother or grandmother, each letter representing the first initial of the child's name. So as there are more children added to the family, there are more initials added to the necklace.

In addition to wearing multiple letters, you can also add the birthstone of the child to the bottom right hand corner of each initial (more on that in another post)."

you: "Oh, very cool. But what does this have to do with the ampersand?"

me: "Well, I also had the idea that a couple (dating, married, etc) could have their initials on a necklace. But without an '&' symbol it just looked like a jumble of letters. And I felt that the addition of the '&' was really important to the symbolism. Then I started thinking more about it, maybe I shouldn't be so literal. The & makes the relationship, it is what connects the two people, maybe have the & stand alone. VOILA, the idea was born! (plus it just looks cool!)

So I present to you the sterling silver block ampersand, now for sale in my etsy studio!"

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  1. I love your work! You're so creative and talented.