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it begins with a twinkle in your eye and butterflies in your tummy. you wish for it, you need it, you have to have it. it’s a little splurge that satisfies your craving. it’s something so perfect, you can’t live without it. it’s not just something for your neck, ears, fingers or wrists. it’s an expression of who you are that adds a sparkle that is only you. it’s your signature necklace you wear every day. it’s the delectable ring you wear for an extraordinary night.

its christina kober designs

25 August 2009

MOO cards

In preparation for my next two shows, East Atlanta Strut on Sept 19 & Oakhurst Arts and Music Festival on Oct 10, I have been going back through my notes from my first festival back in May.

I noticed a lot of people would take my business card and on the back of the card jot down the item they liked the most. So I thought if I had some smaller business cards with a photo of my most popular designs with my contact information on the back making it very easy for people to just grab and go. Then two days, weeks or months later when they came back across the card, they had a photograph of the item they really liked to jog their memory.

I ordered these mini cards from www.moo.com. They are so cute and the paper quality is fantastic. As soon as I received them in the mail I ordered some new business cards.

I have also been working on making my packaging a little more gift like.
I found this red & white twine from angela liguori. I like it better than regular baker's twine because it's a little heavier. I wrap my gift boxes in some aqua tissue paper, wrap the twine around and tuck a business card and mini moo card...voila!

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