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13 January 2010

settling in

Do you ever have those days (days, weeks, or even months) when you feel like you are running to catch up? That is what my life has been this past month.

Our secretary at my day job (JFF Jeweler Supply) was diagnosed with cancer. It was all very sudden, she knew something was wrong, she went to the doctor and they told her she had multiple meyloma. She began treatment immediately. She is a wonderful woman and definitely a fighter.

In the meantime it has left a huge gaping hole at JFF. Not only because we are missing a working member of the business (our secretary/bookkeeper), but she is a life-long friend (as she was our neighbor when I was growing up). In the meantime, I have been working longer hours at JFF to get all the work done then move to work in my studio.

But I can't dwell on the negative. We must push forward. So here are the things I am working on in my studio in the next few weeks :
I am working on a men's line.
I am sending my jewelry to Beehive New York. (which will be for sale beginning Feb 1)
I am making some new rings.
I am working on making a main web page.

In personal life news, Dan and I will be celebrating our 2 year anniversary February 10. Things have been wonderful with us and I'm super excited because we have a reservation at Craft to celebrate!

Also, Dan and I are taking another trip up to New York/New Jersey, February 12-14. I know it's going to be SUPER cold but I am excited for the trip. We are going primarily to celebrate Dan's father's 75th birthday. But we have also scheduled in time to visit the Beehive New York store! I am so excited to go check it out! We will also sneak in a quick visit with Dan's friends, who I now consider my friends as well. :)

You never can expect the bumps in the road. But I think I'm finally settling into 2010.

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