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it begins with a twinkle in your eye and butterflies in your tummy. you wish for it, you need it, you have to have it. it’s a little splurge that satisfies your craving. it’s something so perfect, you can’t live without it. it’s not just something for your neck, ears, fingers or wrists. it’s an expression of who you are that adds a sparkle that is only you. it’s your signature necklace you wear every day. it’s the delectable ring you wear for an extraordinary night.

its christina kober designs

20 October 2009

number 15

Reach my lifetime goal... for those of you who don't know I'm on weight watchers. I was nervous to say this on my blog as it is meant to focus more on my jewelry and I think this is a very personal thing to be sharing. However, I'm struggling and I think I can use all the support I can get.

I started weight watchers January 2008. I lost 10 lbs in my first 6 months and have since hovered at this same weight for a year. So I'm good a maintaining this weight, but I am still not happy with where I am.

So plan is to start at the beginning, and writing down what I eat. I also think it is important to not deprive myself, but just not eat 3 slices of cake when all you really need is a bite. Whole foods are also important, I don't like the way processed "easy" foods make me feel so I'm going to try to focus on that again as well.

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  1. You can DO this!!! Moving more towards whole foods is a GREAT step!